House Week - Day 3: Favorite Ship

Teen Wolf AU → Allison comes back but has no memories of anyone, but they all remember her.


Jmo being the cutest cutie high-fiving the audience ( ♥‿♥)

orphan black x in the flesh - au where beth returns, but not in the way anyone expected. ( or: my name is beth childs and my life as a clone was hard enough before i came back as fucking zomb— sorry, partially deceased syndrome sufferer. )

(Source : stormbends)

myers-briggs personality types

↳ ESTJ (The Supervisor)

ESTJs are conventional, factual, and grounded in reality. For the ESTJ, the proof is in the past: what has worked and what has been done before. They value evidence over conjecture, and trust their personal experience. ESTJs look for rules to follow and standards to meet, and often take a leadership role in helping other people meet expectations as well. They concern themselves with maintaining the social order and keeping others in line.

ESTJs often take on a project manager role at home as well as at work, and excel at setting goals, making decisions, and organizing resources to accomplish a task. The ESTJ wants to achieve efficient productivity and typically believes this is best accomplished when people and systems are well organized.


  • more likely than other types to exhibit Type A behavior
  • of all types, scored highest in coping resources
  • ranked 3rd highest in marital satisfaction
  • among top 4 types of highest college GPA
  • among most likely to stay in college
  • among most types most satisfied with their work
  • high ranking personal values include prestige, health, financial security, and achievement
  • Commonly found in occupations such as bank officers, financial managers, and business owners
  • famous estjs: george washington, sandra day o’connor, colin powell, and vince lombardi


House Week | Day 2: Favorite Female Character

 Lisa Cuddy “Do you have a minute to be disemboweled?”


house week


House week

Day 1 - Favorite Male Character  GREGORY HOUSE

↳ Everybody lies


House Week: Day 1 - Favorite Male Character

"I’m in pain every day. And it changed me."

ian + his family