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Yeeeees? And?

I’m taking this as a compliment to Elementary.


Not Featuring A Dude Who Makes Rape Jokes is `100% a compliment.

Not mayo on white bread.

Not a show helmed by a dude so racist he regurgitates Yellow Peril conspiracy theories circa 1898.

Not a show that reduces WOC to antagonistic shrews/wilting lotus flowers but rather casts a WOC in the lead to totally pwn a white British supervillain that tries to reduce her to a ‘mascot’

Not a show that constantly queerbaits its viewers and mocks them for daring to interpret the characters as anything other than cishet men.

a show featuring 100% canon trans and gay characters that handles them like real human beings
a show that turns misogynistic tropes on their heads
a show that calls its white male protagonists out on his shit
a show with an adaptation of sherlock who praises women
a show with flawless writing that showcases how women actually act
do i really need to go on

not a show that features orientalist ~chinese music~ every time joan watson is on screen

not a show that fetishizes lesbian women and has them fall for the straight white man

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I am not scared of being like them. It’s the opposite. I feel like I’ve not been able to live for years. Maybe it’s because  I ’ m  d e a d.

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Caryl AU in which the internet is still working and everyone has a facebook, instagram and twitter account. 

The twitter one is supposed to happen after Carol’s banishment.

Reblogging myself because this is the only edit that I have made that I like. I had so much fun doing it and I love it. sorry not sorry 

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positive ladies meme » my mad fat diary + strengths and flaws

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ouat meme: (1/8) characters

Regina Mills

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Title: dat scream
Artist: Liam Payne
Played: 13490 times



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make me choose: regina or and charming?

asked by herevilness

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Nous protégeons ceux qui ne peuvent pas se protéger eux-mêmes.

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